Musician Grace Khan gets new management

Discover the latest development in the music industry as talented musician Grace Khan secures new management. Stay informed about her exciting career transition and the impact it may have on her musical journey. Explore the potential for fresh opportunities, collaborations, and artistic growth with her new management team. Stay updated with the latest news and updates about Grace Khan and her musical endeavors under the guidance of her new management.

May 26, 2023 - 09:42
Musician Grace Khan gets new management
Musician Grace Khan gets new management

Musician Grace Khan real name Grace Namuwulya has signed an  agreement with new management to improve and strengthen her music career.

In a one-on-one interview with Spark TV, the musician who was once managed by Herbalist Kojja Kitonsa introduced her new manager known was Joel Yiga commonly known as MP Rubaga South. “The person you are seeing here is Mr Yiga Joel, I allowed him to help me to reach where people want me to be. Ugandans want me to be somewhere,” Grace Khan said.

“I decided to work with him, to first of all test him, secondly to create a good working relationship with him, and lastly to help me behave better,” the musician added.

“As one of the people who support talent, I looked at Grace as a person and didn’t judge her but instead liked the good things about her and not the bad ones. There is no doubt, Grace is super talented but she is challenged by different things related to depression,” Yiga Joel, the musician’s new manager said.

The manager also stressed that Grace is one of the top five most talented Ugandan artistes the Country has got. The musician started her career with “Da Nu Eagles” a band music group led by musician turned Politician Geoffrey Lutaaya. She has since then released several songs that have received airplay on media stations. These among others include ‘Mu Ddungu’, ‘Njakufanaye’, ‘Never Give Up’, and ‘Darling’.

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