More confusion as the new Uganda Musician Federation amends leadership

Stay updated on the latest developments in the Ugandan music industry as the new Uganda Musician Federation makes amendments to its leadership, causing further confusion. Explore the intricacies of the changes and the impact they may have on the federation's direction and representation of musicians. Stay informed about the ongoing discussions, debates, and controversies surrounding the amended leadership structure. Gain insights into the efforts to address the confusion and ensure effective governance within the federation. Stay up-to-date with the evolving landscape of the Ugandan music industry through this news piece.

May 26, 2023 - 10:12
More confusion as the new Uganda Musician Federation amends leadership

Confusion continues to unravel as the newly created music body dubbed Uganda National Music Federation today moved to amend its leadership.

It is understood that amidst discontent from different musicians, several cabinet members have been moved to other responsibilities and new members have been assigned different designations.

In a twist of events, singer David Lutalo who was given responsibility was seen probing his fellow musicians about the exact position he had been assigned.

Singer Pallaso alias Pius Mayanja retained his position in the tentative leadership as the 2nd Vice President as the position of the 3rd Vice president was eliminated and Juliana Kanyomozi who previously occupied the position was named as the finance assistant.

Before the open meeting, there was a verbal altercation between singer Hanson Baliruno and a section of media personalities whom he accused of recording proceeding in a private meeting that was held before the main meeting.

It turns out that the federation that is meant to represent musicians, writers, dancers, and other people in the music business is dominated by a section of mainstream musicians.

It is not yet clear what the federation intends to address as the proprietors have always mentioned that they are rooting for unity and copyright much as contending voices sight money from the government.

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