I was never married to Ivan Ssemwanga-Zari

Discover the truth behind the rumors as Zari, the well-known personality, clarifies her relationship status with Ivan Ssemwanga. Gain insights into her personal life as she shares that she was never married to Ivan Ssemwanga, setting the record straight. Explore the context and details surrounding their relationship, offering a deeper understanding of their connection. Stay informed with accurate information about Zari's past, providing clarity on her relationship history. Get the facts straight from the source and uncover the truth behind the rumors surrounding Zari and Ivan Ssemwanga.

May 26, 2023 - 10:09
I was never married to Ivan Ssemwanga-Zari
I was never married to Ivan Ssemwanga-Zari

Zari Hassan has for a fact dated a number of men in her life. From the late Ivan Ssemwanga, Diamond Platinumz to her now husband Shakib Lutaya.

The mother of five got married to Shakib a few months back in a private Nikkah, a ceremony that validates marriage in Islam in South Africa. The event was only attended by a selected number of people.

Despite the numerous relationships she has been through in her 42-years, Zari emphasized that this is the first time she has gotten a ring on her finger.

“I have never been married……. Shakib is my first husband, and it feels good to be his wife,” she said, adding that she just had an introduction ceremony with Ivan Ssemwanga but not anything more.

“We just introduced with the father of my kids but I had never been married. So Lutaya is the guy who has put a ring on me officially. I love my husband, he’s chilled and he’s different. It feels good to be his wife.”

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